Rudy suffered from the cruelty of the world and the result of it was a disease he got  

Show kindness to the world and it will come back to you as a boomerang

Rudy was made fun of some heartless people. He was in a bad condition so this shelter helped him. His body was injured.

He got some diseases because of it and even wasn’t able to walk. The director of the shelter called special doctors for Rudy.

He managed to see many wounded animals in that shelter but this case was even worse.

The fact that he could survive is surprising.

Rudy mainly recovered because of medical baths.

The family that took him from the shelter consists of vets. This was better for him as he continued to get medical care at home.

He lived a different life and was loved by the surrounding people.

His friends include not only adults or kids but also pets.

Rude passed away because of incurable disease, but the last months of his life were in love and happiness.

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