«Lucky her!»: Far not everyone was delighted with the appearance of prominent actor Reeves’s gray-haired chosen one

The appearance of actor Reeves with his chosen one became the subject of discussions

Recently, prominent and successful actor K. Reeves, overall-known for his brilliant participation in a number of great films, has appeared together with his chosen one, sculptor and artist A. Grant who is 9 years younger than the movie star.

However, far not everyone appreciated the way Grant looked and some even rushed to call her a «granny» or a «gray mouse».

What concerns the woman, she herself admits that she fully accepts her natural beauty and isn’t going to dye her gray hair. «Fortune has smiled at her», «It seems as if she is 9 years older, not younger than the actor», «How can I unsee this?».

«I can’t believe this handsome and attractive actor chose such a plain and gray-haired woman», «Most importantly, they found happiness together».

«For some reason I love this couple», «How harmonious they look together», «One of the strongest and sincerest couples».

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