«The same cute cheeks and doll eyes»: Everyone’s favorite Selena Gomez made a splash sharing her rare archive photo

Gomez shared an exclusive archive photo of her and delighted absolutely everyone

There is, perhaps, no one who doesn’t know the name of this well-known, successful and outstanding singer and actress who has recently pleasantly surprised her fans sharing her rare archive photo from early childhood.

In the exclusive archive photo she was in a yellow T-shirt, ponytail and with a sincere smile on her face. Her cute cheeks and doll eyes let no one remain indifferent. Gomez honestly addressed a message to her younger self. «Don’t be afraid to ask for help».

Here is the advice she gave to her followers on International Women’s Day.

«I want each of us to be gentle with ourselves. Write a little important piece of advice to yourself and stick it on the mirror to remind yourself that you are worthy of the world.

This deeply moved the network users.

In addition to this, as a result of her sharp weight gain, the outstanding singer faced harsh criticism and some still don’t miss a chance to judge and condemn her for her imperfect appearance.

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