A sweetheart Retriever shows absolutely warm and friendly attitude towards a shark

One of the most adorable and heartwarming moments was successfully captured on camera by an owner whose Retriever shows signs of a true friendship and tight bond with a whale shark. These two lovable creatures even kissed each other and the scene is absolutely touching. The owner of the dog is an Australian diver who usually takes her dog on interesting boat trips. And lately, the Retriever showed an extraordinary attitude towards a marine creature that he had hardly ever seen before. While they got close to a reef, a whale shark surprisingly surfaced exactly beside their little boat. Though the woman couldn’t even except how her dog would react to an uncommon sight, she got gladly surprised seeing him trying to befriend with a shark showing a very warm attitude towards the creature.

Despite the fact, the owner warmed the dog not to get much closer or even touch the whale shark, they both refused to listen to her, sniffed each other and shared a kiss! The woman got revealed when she witnessed her dog’s reaction and all the bothers and disturbance instantly disappeared.

The woman was proud of her Golden Retriever as she had never imagined such tenderness and love, especially towards an unfamiliar creature. For her, dogs proved to be totally friendly and warmhearted animals with extreme kindness and enthusiasm. Originally, she was convinced that the dog would leaped onto the whale shark but now, there is nothing to worry about.

Luckily, the woman managed to catch the very moment filling everyone’s heart with warmth. She even suspected that, perhaps, she was the only one whose dog ever kissed a shark which seemed really amazing.

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