Dad just wanted to have a good time with his baby in the pool, but their pet found it dangerous  

He felt danger and tried to help

Many people avoid keeping Rottweilers, thinking that they are dangerous, but in fact, they can be loyal and loving pets if they are treated in the right way.

Read this funny story and you will be convinced of it.

If they are devoted to someone, they are ready to protect them in any way. They can also build a strong relationship with children.

When this video was posted on social media, it went viral and attracted millions of people from all over the world. It has been seen millions of times, and the reason is quite simple. Watch it and you’ll understand everything.

When this father was having a nice time with his baby in the swimming pool, his dog found it dangerous and jumped into the water to save the child.

At first, he kissed him to be sure that everything was ok with him, then took the man’s hand with his paw and pulled them to safety.

Rottweiler lifeguard

It’s so nice to see how this sweet pet adores his family.

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