Daniel Radcliffe and his beloved attracted the attention of fans with their news  

They have a big surprise for the audience

 Many of you know this couple, 33 years old actress Erin and 38 years old actor Daniel Radcliffe, who recently appeared in front of their fans with a great surprise.

They were photographed together, where it’s seen her round belly.

Besides this, the paparazzi managed to capture them while walking along the streets of New York City. There the audience focused on her belly and guessed that she is pregnant.

She looked great in her sports outfit, and her pregnancy became known thanks to her tight clothes.

The couple lives happily and enjoys many unforgettable moments together. They told their friends and relatives about the pregnancy.

They didn’t want to announce it early, but now it’s impossible, because her rounded belly is quite noticeable.

However, their fans are sure that they will be caring parents and will continue to expand their wonderful family.

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