Office’s Unconventional MVP: Meet Willie, the Beloved Canine Colleague Who Brings Joy to the Busy Workplace

Every office needs to have a dog  🐶🤗

It is normal to have a working dog if you work in a garage or workshop, but it’s a really unusual thing to happen when you work in a busy office.

But Willie has made all the workers of the office understand they could imagine their lives without him.

He comes to the office every day at 9 am with his owner. Just like other workers he heads straight in the front door and sets about his daily business.

At first, Willie meets Mandi and then introduces himself to the others, who are already working.

And it’s a usual thing for Willie, as he spends most of his time weaving in and out of the various rooms in the office and greeting the people, who are working at their desks.

He always gives a hearty woo, which isn’t like a bark.

And his another beloved thing is shredding the box. He adores destroying all the boxes, that are just lying around.

He considers he leaves an important contribution to the office, although he leaves a lot of mess.

He knows lunchtime very well and is always ready for it. He sits patiently and waits until someone gives him treats. The boss of the office named Mike always has something little to give to his canine buddy.

And when he finishes he sleeps. He is the only one, who has the opportunity to sleep during the work. But nobody minds when Willie spends his time happily in the middle of the afternoon.

And after watching the video you will be certain, that every office needs a dog.

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