After being sheltered, the blind dogs started to care for the little puppies 

 The strolling dog was found in London’s Hyde Park, that was three-month-old. His previous owners brutally got rid of him, because of blindness, which would have made it much more challenging for the breeder to sell him. 

Oliver found a new family in southeast London just at the Christmas Eve.  

Oliver has cultured into the giant, who has become an incredible foster father to two homeless puppies a year later. Two puppies, Peter and Chris were abandoned by their mother at birth.

They have found an outstanding foster parent in Oliver, and they have really good relationships. 

He is absolutely giant, his size is seven stone and he is 10 times taller, than his puppies.  

He is a great example of how the foster father could be, he teaches them how to play and cuddle with puppies for regular sleep times… 

This is amazing: he does an important job and the puppies are very lucky.

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