«Perfection starts with her!»: The incredible beauty of this model from Italy drew everyone’s special attention

After the photos of this Italian model, your understanding of beauty will change

Here is Angelina Bufalo, a successful model from Italy, who has gained the title of one of the most desirable and attractive women in the world. Of course, men don’t call her the hottest for no reason since she definitely possesses a perfect body.

Every time this Italian model posts a new photo of her, it immediately causes a fuss and doesn’t let anyone remain indifferent. One can find a great number of both negative and positive comments.

«There is nothing special about her!», «What is it like to be a goddess?», «In one word – STUNNING!», «She has no equals», «She is flawless!», «How can one be so beautiful? I can’t!», «She doesn’t meet the beauty standards».

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