10 kindest animals on planet Earth

Since ancient times, people used to avoid dangerous animals. Indeed, many species can pose a real threat to life. But there are animals that often show sympathy to a person and willingly come into contact. Many of them now live with us, and some can only be found in an area dominated by wild nature. So, below is a list of the kindest animals towards people.

  1. Elephant

By their nature, elephants are quite friendly creatures. Elephants from the same herd take care of each other, help young and old creatures. The time when these animals become aggressive is the mating period.

Elephants help people to overcome difficult distances, and also participate in loading operations. Elephants are well trained, and therefore, they often delight people with their performances in the circus.

  1. Sloth

These cute animals will definitely not leave the animal lovers indifferent. But their main feature is, of course, their amazing slowness. It takes 15 hours a day for these animals to sleep. Sloths do not compete with each other for food and trees, so they are incredibly peaceful.

Sloths may not be able to defend themselves in case of danger, but their population is successfully preserved. All this is due to their disguise. And by nature, sloths are inventive, playful and even smart. And the slowness is simply their position in life.

  1. Alpaca

This animal from the camel family  is a popular pet in the South American continent. They were domesticated by the Indians more than 6 thousand years ago. But the main value of alpacas is their wool, which is used to make clothes.

Alpacas rarely behave aggressively, in contrast to externally similar llamas. Sometimes the Alpaca can behave shy and sometimes show their intelligence. This animal gets along with people. It will not mind if it is stroked or patted for luxurious woolen thicknesses.

  1. Rabbit

Rabbits were and are still popular pets. And this is not just for chance. These cute fluffy animals really have mainly a good disposition . The character of a small pet depends on many factors, and it is almost impossible to predict what it will become when it grows up. After reaching 4 years of age, rabbits become less active and more and more often spend their time sleeping.

  1. Guinea pig

On the 6th place is an animal no less cuter than a rabbit with a brownish color. It should be noted right away that guinea pigs are sociable and love different companies. They like to be stroked, and the pigs themselves constantly look after themselves. On the other hand, these animals have a meek and calm character.

But do not think that absolutely all pigs live with such a temperament. Sometimes there are too sociable individuals who constantly squeak. There are also calmer pigs who prefer silence to fun.

  1. Horse

Even in our times of the dominance of cars, many people did not only see horses, but rode them in parks, villages or horse clubs. For more than 7 thousand years, the horse has accompanied a person both in peacetime and in wartime. And she always shows her devotion and affection. There are many cases in history when a horse rescued its rider or owner.

Those who are familiar with horses know that they are capable of selfless friendship. Also, these animals have considerable intellectual abilities.

  1. Dolphin

Even a child knows that dolphins are intelligent animals. They are very well to trained, that is why they often perform in public in various dolphinariums. Recently, having stopped mass hunting and trapping of these animals, humans have learned to better interact with dolphins. There are many advantages to communicating with these mammals, and contact with dolphins helps in the treatment of various diseases.

  1. Cat

Perhaps it was cats that performed the most interesting tasks as pets: to protect food supplies from rodents and to protect the house from evil spirits. On the other hand, everyone knows how cute and soulful these creatures are.

You pet always wants to play with your pet. Cats often sleep with their owners and even anticipate upcoming disasters. Though these animals are quite independent by their nature they often communicate with people warmly and affectionately.

  1. Dog

The next creature is no less popular pet than a cat. Of course we are talking about the dog. If cats are calm and somehow detached, then many dogs are their complete opposite.

Activity and friendliness are in their blood. Such a pet becomes a great friend for the soul. It seems that you can do almost anything with him: games, walks, rest. According to Oxford University research, dogs were recognized as the most social pets.

  1. Capybara

Unfortunately, many people simply do not know this animal. Even in their natural habitat, they are incredibly social. By the way of life, the capybara is a semi-aquatic animal that himself very good when he is in water. Well, one more plus in the capybara’s friendliness  is that they are absolute vegetarians who prefer to enjoy grass, fruits or aquatic plants.

Capybaras are friendly not only to individuals of their own species, but also to humans and many other animals, such as monkeys and birds. If birds eat insects from capybara wool and their interaction can somehow be explained, then contact with monkeys is difficult to justify. Probably, monkeys just like to ride these cute creatures, and capybaras like their scratching.

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