A desirable present. The loving grandmother made the boy’s wish come true 

The boy was touched and couldn’t control his emotions 

A little boy named Xander Mellor had been saving up for the past 18 months to be able to buy a puppy. And every time Natalie Ellenburg returned from work, he asks for the change and deposits it in his savings.

The little boy desired a puppy so much, that he stopped buying sweets and toys. And when his grandparents learned about his desire they considered visiting him and making his wish come true.

His parents captured a video, where Xander runs out of the house to welcome his grandparents after seeing their car. And when he went close to them his grandmother asks him to close his eyes and stretch out his hands.

The boy was impatiently waiting for the grandmother’s present, but after opening his eyes he was amazed. There was a sweet, little puppy in his arms.

Xander was so touched, that he couldn’t control his emotions for a long time. The little boy was crying because of happiness as he already holds his own puppy. We wish Xander many happy and adorable memories with his furry friend.

Just look at their touching video.

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