The sweetest pandas in the world. They are living in a panda daycare 

The centers, that help pandas to breed  🐼🤗

All of us will consider pandas as the most attractive, adorable and sweet animals in the world.

There is a special breeding program and a daycare facility in China, were these sweet pandas live.

They are absolutely adorable and special, as they are the cutest in the world, but also because it is very difficult to breed them.

Female pandas only can breed 2-3 days in a year.

And it’s a place, where many sweet little pandas live together.

The facility is a nonprofit and it’s only purpose is to save them from extortion.

They are endangered animals and their population is decreasing year to year.

And with the help of such caring centers their numbers started to grow.

And they have been classified as vulnerable instead of endangered.

In 2020 the population of pandas was estimated to be nearly 1864 in the world.

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