At first glance, Norang looks like an ordinary cat, but in fact he is a very special  

He knows the value of friendship  🐈🤗

Meet Norang, an extremely friendly and loving cat, who enjoys helping those who are in need, but there’s someone, who is more than just a friend for him.

Rank, another catty, has some problems connected to his hind legs since his birth. He cannot walk properly, so it’s difficult for him to find food by himself. But his best friend Norang is always by his side and supports him in everything.

Norang protects his disabled friend from everything and everyone, so no one can dare to approach him.

Luckily, this duo is now safe and protected at the shelter. They don’t need to wander the streets in search of food and water.

They are patiently waiting for someone who will agree to adopt them together, because they can’t live separately.

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