The singer Yolka didn’t pass by the stray dog and took it

Singer Yolka needs no introduction. Her songs are heard on the radio, and clips are played on Tv screens. However, few people know, that famous performer is actively helping stray animals. And a few years ago, she took in a stray dog, which she learned about from a post on the Internet. Then the baby was looking for overexposure. Volunteers picked him up on the street, when he was still very little. While they tried to find permanent owners for the little tail, he lived all the time in temporary dwellings. And in another search for overexposure, Yolka saw the photo of a dog and immediately fell in love with his cute face. The singer decided to take the baby forever.  

The star called the baby Boy. And when the performer wrote on Instagram, that she would have a boy and she became a mother, the fans were shocked by this recognition and began to ask her questions. But the singer hastened the calm everyone down, saying that she had just acquired a pet.  

Fans began to question the breed of the dog, but the star replied succinctly, that the pedigree of her shaggy friend wasn’t important to her, and he was completely indifferent to what she was doing in life. Yolka fell in love with her dog so much, that she began to take him with her everywhere and even began to appear with him at various events.  

In addition to the Boy, the singer has two more cats, which at first were hostile to the appearance of the dog. But over time, a sociable and affectionate dog was able to make friends with pets and now often plays with them.  

In addition to her song career, the star is engaged in volunteer activities. She helps to accommodate stray animals, offering them to her friends and admirers. Elizabeth also generously sponsors shelters, she herself often visits them to communicate with abandoned pets, and somehow brighten up their unenviable fate. 

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