A Heartwarming Friendship: the Kitty and the Rhino Find Comfort and Support in Each Other

The rhino and the kitty became best friends and enjoyed playing together  🐈❤️🦏

The kitty named Mewie lives in an animal sanctuary in South Africa. He is very sociable and makes friends with every animal, that come to the sanctuary.

Many animals are living in the sanctuary, such as giraffes, zebras and so on. Mewie helps them all feel safe and comfortable.

But the sweetest relationship Mewie has with the rhino named Jamila, who was orphaned.

Mewie was also rescued when he was a little kitten and he knows perfectly well what it’s like to get a new chance in a new place. It might be the reason why he was so attentive and affectionate towards all the other animals at the sanctuary.

Jamila came to the sanctuary when she was just a month old. She was saved from hunters, who wanted her horn. Her mother passed away because of the hunters and the little rhino was left with three stab wounds in her back.

But happily, the wounds weren’t serious and she managed to recover.

Jamila struggled at the sanctuary in her early days. Rhinos are known to be very friendly animals and they need to stay about 2-3 years by their mother’s side.

And Jamila needed attention and care. Her rescuer even sleeps next to Jamila on a mattress in order she’s not alone at night.

And Mewie is always next to Jamila, as if he understood she needed help and attention and wanted to do everything possible for her.

Mewie and Jamila now play with one another and it was Mewie, who helped Jamila get out of her shell and also get used to her new surroundings.

And now the future seems bright for Jamila and when she gets older she will be released back into the wild. She will soon return to her normal life after regaining her natural instincts.

Hunting is one of the worst things in humanity and only the care love and support of rescuers give them a little chance.

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