«One of the oldest mothers on our planet years later»: Here is the woman who had a daughter at the age of 66

This is what happened to the mother and her baby whom she had at the age of 66 🤔🤗

However astonishing it may sound, an old woman had to a baby when she was 66. She felt the first delights of motherhood at a very old age gaining the title of one of the oldest mothers on the Globe.

She was a professor at a university all her life. Her husband didn’t want children, yet she had a cherished dream to become a parent one day. Only at the age of 66 did she take the risk and underwent an IVF procedure despite people’s opinions.

To everyone’s great surprise, the girl was born absolutely healthy. Adriana named her Eliza.

The girl is now 16 and periodically has to face criticism from others. Everyone around thinks that Adriana is her granny.

The mother-heroine has one big wish – to raise her daughter properly and to see her get married.

Do you think she made the right decision?

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