The Little Kitten Got Wet in the Downpour But a Kind Woman Picked Him up from the Ground and Wrapped Him in Her T-shirt

The kitten was soaked from his head to toes in the rain.

A resident of Florida noticed a tiny two-week-old kitten on the street who got wet in the pouring rain. Neither the mother-cat nor the brothers and sisters were nearby but the baby had to be rescued somehow.

The woman hurried to the rescue, picked up the kitten, wrapped him in her T-shirt and tried to wipe off the moisture. The cute baby was cold and hungry but he showed a lot of agility.

He clutched his savior’s T-shirt with his small paws trying to keep warm when they were rushing home together.

Being already dried and well-groomed the kitten briskly grabbed the bottle of milk and wanted to be petted. How happy he was to be safe and comfortable, to relax and unwind after stress and so much lack of sleep!

In the meantime, the woman contacted several animal protection organizations and told that she had found a kitten who needed a medical examination and round-the-clock care.

Based on the recommendation of her veterinarian the woman fed the little kitten with a special milk formula through a teat,” tells Nadia who is a volunteer at AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue. Fortunately, our rescuers found a free overexposure to where he moved on the same day.

The little fluffy creature was very happy to be in the safe place next to a caring guardian who would satisfy all his needs.

After spending two weeks under the proper care the kitten moved to Nadia’s place for health improvement and socialization.

We treat the cutie with special baths and topical creams and we expect him to be healthy in a couple of weeks. “

The boy receives plenty of nutritious food, love and affection. He gets agitated when his adoptive mom comes up to him with a bottle and he starts to eat with great energy wiggling his ears. He likes the food so much that he doesn’t miss a single drop.

Nadia devotes all her time to the kitten because he immediately begins to cry when he is left without attention.

Nadia gave a plush toy to the cutie with a heartbeat effect in order to prevent him from feeling lonely. Now he always has someone to hug with.

The kitten is gaining weight becomes more energetic and reveals the mischievous side of his character. “He’s a cocky creature who loves to eat and wrestle with his toy puppy,” shares Nadia.

He purrs so loudly both while eating and after eating. He likes to hobbling, stumbling and studying the environment.”

In just a few weeks, the boy has grown very noticeably and now he is a healthy young cat with big ears. Day by day he is becoming more and more playful and curious.

A difficult childhood tempered his character and now nothing will stop him from growing up big and strong.

“The cutie is fine and he is a pretty baby.”

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