«Unveiling the Unconventional Powerlifter»: The famous Barbie with the most unusual appearance 

The world record holder. She is a true motivation for others 😮🥹

A well-known Barbie named Julia Vince has an angelic face, but very strong muscles. She can lift heavy weights in the gym, which is an impossible task for many males.

She has a muscular body with strong and broad shoulders. She is a popular powerlifting champion and has broken three world records in Powerlifting.

She squatted 180 kilograms, bench pressed 105 kilograms and deadlifted 165 kilograms.

She is known as a Muscular Barbie, because her body is mixed with her beauty. Julia is happy for having such a beautiful nickname.

When Julia was little she was thin and only after becoming 15 years old she began going to the gym and adored powerlifting. And from that moment she started training regularly to become a well-known athlete.

Some people didn’t like Julia’s body, but she considers they are just jealous. But there are still many people, who adore her and are her fans.

Julia considers, that everyone should find his passion and most beloved thing in life just like her. She tells, that building muscles isn’t boring instead it is a true motivation and passion.

Julia is a very hard-working and passionate athlete, who always tries to achieve their goals.

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