«They aren’t comparable to their mother»: fans discussed the children of the actress Brooke Shields

Suddenly, the father’s genes were stronger 👀👌

The famous beautiful Brooke Shields has always won millions of hearts with her unique beauty. She worked as a model and acted in films.

When she played a role in the film «The Blue Lagoon» she was 14 years old and at this age she became popular. Everyone who watched the film was delighted with the heavenly beauty of the young actress. That is why she was considered the most beautiful woman. Now Brooke Shields is 58 years old and of course we can’t see her beauty.

The fans of the actress were sure that when she got married and had children, they would look like their attractive mother. Now the actress is already a mother of two girls.

The actress married her second daughters to Chris Henchy and had two daughters, Grier and Rowan. But it turned out that they are similar to their father and the father’s genes were strong.

The daughters of the actress do not look like a unique mother. All fans claimed that the girls look like their father. The daughters of the actress did not inherit the exceptional beauty of their mother.

Of course the fans didn’t like it. Many said that she should have thought well before choosing a husband. Daughters don’t look like their mothers.

«Mom is unique, and daughters are not like her», «Girls are quite ordinary», «Mom at their age was incredibly beautiful».

And what do you think?

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