«Looks like an anorexic»: Jessica Simpson lost weight after her third child and become a cause for concern

What happened to the former beauty?😳The mother of three children Jessica has lost so much weight that she walks the streets like a real skeleton💀«All that’s left are skin and bones, it’s serious», the fans worried😲🫢

Jessica Simpson became a mother for the third time. After her third child, she had changes in weight, which caused concern for fans. The paparazzi saw her at the airport with her husband in New York. She wore high-waisted leather pants. She was wearing an emerald jacket and a black top. Black color well emphasized her slender figure.

Fans thought that something was wrong with her health because she looks very thin. This post-pregnancy appearance raises concerns about her health. Her clothes hang freely on her and she walks like a real skeleton. Not a drop of former beauty remained. For many fans, she lost too much weight.

Simpson decided to answer all the fans’ questions and stated that she is fine and feels healthy. She consulted a nutritionist to improve her healthy eating habits. She feels younger, and now even better than before. According to Jessica, she can wear all the clothes from her wardrobe and she likes it all.

Although she assured everyone that she feels great, many fans still do not believe and think that weight loss can seriously affect her health.

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