«She really breaks hearts»: fans are concerned about the reason for Adele’s divorce from her husband

Poor Adele!🥺The singer revealed a reason of her divorce from husband and burst into tears while talking about it😱🫢Adele could not come to terms and the marriage cracked😒

Everyone’s favorite Adele is finally in the best friend program. She was also convinced to take part in the project by her close friend Adele, who is a Hollywood star. They talked while driving, remembering how James Corden helped Adele get through the hard times during her divorce from Simon Konecki.

Following the divorce, Adele was on a family holiday with James, his wife and children. During the trip, Adele thanked James and his family for taking such great care of her and her son, and for their attention during a difficult time.

Adele said that she wrote the verse in her song «I Drink Wine» after a conversation with James on January 4, 2020. James was also going through a difficult time in his life and turned to Adele for advice.

Adele was very worried about James. But she is grateful to him for the fact that even during this difficult period he was with her, despite all the difficulties.

Adele sang the verse on her phone and sent it to James, who admitted that he felt the same at that moment. James was simply amazed at how Adele was able to turn her struggle into a hit.
He said that on the one hand he was very glad that he was able to participate in writing Adele’s song.

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