I never thought that the Brabant Draft Horses could be so Elegant!
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What Will a Real German Dog Do if it Gets Lost?
You can talk about the intellectual abilities of pets as long as you wish , but in fact, everything is determined by actions.  Police officers from the Saxony-Anhalt
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How the owners of the Baron live – the largest mastiff in Australia, which is still growing
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9 Meet Rexie: The disabled cat who masterfully uses the tongue
Since childhood, a cat named Rexie has a problem with its hind legs – they are partially paralyzed.  Because of this, many actions which are  familiar to cats
During the interview, he was strictly asked about his attitude towards cats and personal space
The user of the portal Reddit with the nickname chestman_unbound shared a touching and unusual story of his employment.  Being a  doctor by profession, he calmly answered the