Surviving among Raccoons. Folk Wisdom.

An ordinary forest raccoon will both deceive and devour you, and will smash your camp, and will also put that in your pocket… a smelly heap. Because a person, especially an urban person, is a creature of exceptional stupidity, and takes the cute appearance of a beast for his essence. You won’t make a bigger mistake if you still survive this meeting with the raccoon.

1. Feed the raccoon and nothing will save you

As soon as the wild beast realizes that you voluntarily gave him your food, you will down all across the board. Before that, he can portray an orphan starving for hundreds of years, but as soon as the food falls into the tenacious paws, everything is over. You are now a pitiful spineless source of food, not the king of nature.

2. The second name of the raccoon is “Greed”.

The first handout he will accept timidly, the second he will rip out boldly, the third will be taken away with his finger and wallet. And then your food will become his and the opinions of two-legged weaklings do not interest anyone. But this is just the beginning.

3. And then the whole furry gang will come.

Raccoons are created for collective parasitism on humans. As soon as the first one fills his belly, he will convey the good news to the rest, and here it is better to go away. A crowd of raccoons is something that you shouldn’t face without heavy weapons.

4. You can hang food on higher ropes. And then you will see how lucky you are.

The raccoon in the photo climbed a skyscraper – these beasts are afraid of neither heights or nor difficulties. It is necessary to hang food as high as possible and away from tree trunks, but this does not guarantee that the raccoon will not cosplay the flying squirrel, parachuting on the target with a fat belly from the upper branches. He compensates the lack of flying skills with perseverance, so if the food is hung above the tent, a nightmare is guaranteed. Many many times.

5. The rescue – canned food and dry rations

The target designator for a raccoon is its nose, so even if you hide the food in your dirty socks after the hike, you will never see them again. What concerns the canned food, like food packaged at the factory, has every chance of surviving. If they were not opened, of course, then it will be even worse – a raccoon in a tin trap on his head will be more terrible than Godzilla.

6. All available water goes at the disposal of the raccoon

The raccoon deals with the water like a small child – it throws everything under the water that gets under the paw, and then the paw itself, until it is completely bathed. Is there a need to mention that drinking this liquid is absolutely not worth it?

7. Will break the camp and then burn

When the belly is full, you want to have fun. And since the stupid beast do not respect the theater and TikTok, he begins to destroy everything that is not nailed down. Even worse, the harmful animal parodies a person and can untie the knots or stick into the fire with a stick. According to the legend, every tenth forest fire occurs due to the fault of a stupid tourist and a harmful raccoon.

8. Dishes and shoes are a welcome trophy

Both unwashed dishes and also the shoes too smell bad , but for a raccoon it’s like a command from above – you have to grab it and give it up. Otherwise they will take it away. And then, where, under what bush to look for everything dragged away – only the spirits of the forest know. A good incentive to do the dishes while hiking and change your socks more often.

9. Seemingly cute, in fact – unbearable

Stealing, tearing, gnawing and stuffing into a boot is easy. To steal what lies badly, and then lose more often – no problems, it will be done while you are still sleeping. And you also shouldn’t stand in their way – these small monsters perfectly throw stones and rubbish.

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