No Time to Explain: an Impatient Dog Jumped out of the Car and Demanded His Dessert at a Coffee Shop

“Patience, my friend! Just patience and calmness! “  – I just want to say these words to the cute and impatient dog who made a whole performance in front of Starbucks. 

Sometimes our pets lack patience and endurance and what can we do in such cases?  Do we love them less as a result of this ?  Of course not! 

So the owner of this impatient doggy loves her pet so much. The other day something happened to the woman that she won’t soon forget.  The point is that a dog simply loses control when it comes time to getting his coffee.  Well, in fact, this is of course not a strong drink that we like so much but whipped cream in a glass.  And this treat is one of the dog’s favorite ones. 

The scene, which took place the other day in Texas brought so much popularity to the dog.  One of the regular clients of Starbucks whose name is Billy Lynn Reed was able to film what was happening.  As she was waited for her drink she saw a car in front of Starbucks with several dogs sitting in it who were waiting for their whipped cream. 

But for one of the pets it seemed that the time dragged on forever … Look what happened next!  

In the end the doggy’s owner managed to drag the animal back into the car but by that time the cute creature had already managed to amuse everyone with his antics.

 The girl who filmed the incident on camera tells that she literally rolled on the floor laughing and she was forced to record this video so that as many people as possible knew about such a funny and touching case.

 Don’t you agree that the impatient doggy looked really funny!  

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