The loyal doggy takes care about her little human sister. How adorable he is!  

The parents of the baby never expected that their doggy would become nanny.

When Nick Elliot and Hayley became parents for the first time they didn’t expect what reaction their cute doggy would show when he met their new family member.

It was the first time the loyal doggy would deal with kids, so they had some fears connected to their relationship, but the animal’s behaviour towards their baby girl excited them.

It turned out that he was very friendly and caring not only for his owners, but also for their new member: the baby girl.

The cute doggy later became nanny for their little baby, who takes care about her with great pleasure. He is ready to sit by her side for hours in order to protect her from danger.

He is very patient and careful about his little sister and he knows how to make her become calm when she cries.

Once, when the owners were not at home, the baby began to cry. At first the confused doggy didn’t know how to soothe her but then he had an excellent idea.

What he did was shot by the camera the parents put on somewhere to know how their pet looked after their baby. The animal brought his sister’s lovely toy, a teddy bear, thinking that it would calm her down.

He put the toy in the stroller and shook his tail.

After seeing those touching scene, the owners were sure that their loving animal would completely take care about their baby.

It is obvious that when the baby grows up they will become undivided friends.

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