It Turns out that the Way to a Man’s Heart is not Only through His Stomach.

A diligent man, Chuck Hawley from Silverstone, Oregon, could not even think he would change his habits so drastically in adulthood.  And why would that suddenly happen?  He seemed to have everything for a full happiness a good house, a good job, a beloved wife, and a couple of dogs for relaxation and fun, a hunting rifle and beer in the refrigerator.  But we found out that everything changed overnight, and the reason for the change literally fit in the palms of a man.

 This is what Kitty looked like when she first met Chuck – a wary lump of anger and confusion.

Chuck noticed a box in the middle of the highway, which other drivers were casually circling around.  He also wanted to drive by, but his curiosity turned out to be stronger and, unexpectedly for himself, he saw a kitten in the box!  The kid could not move as his legs were glued to the bottom with a mixture of resin and glue.   That was an obvious handwriting of the murderer . Chuck wiped off the sticky substance as  he could and took Kitty to the vet.

The veterinarian found out that in addition to the glued paws, the kitten had also  scratches, bruises and abrasions and it was obvious that he was not treated carefully.  It was a 5 weeks old kitty.  After leaving  hospital Chuck wrote a statement to the police and began to meticulously follow the doctor’s recommendations – to bathe, feed and treat Kitty.  Maybe it was an  uncomplicated name, but it stuck right away.  Kitty was just waiting for it.

In the evening of the same day, after returning home from work Chuck’s wife was surprised to find out that her husband’s personal space was occupied by some cat!  There was a charming little kitty, but it was clear from Chuck’s eyes that he would ignore any criticism. The feline child was treated so well that Kitty felt like a full-fledged member of the family.  The cat has found its relative who will feed and protect her!

The wife listened to Kitty’s story, smeared her wounds with ointment and also fell in love with the insolent little creature.  Moreover, dogs are good,  but they have long wanted a purring heating pad.  Fortunately, Kitty graciously agreed to give affection and love to all the people in the house.  Oh this cute catty!

Well, do you think that this was wonderful  both for the catty and the family ?

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