The Dog Went on Foot 100 Kilometers to Return Home Finally

There was a golden retriever which was named Ping An – which translates as “alive and good” – lives in China. An impressive story happened to him recently. It all started when the dog was left in the house of its owners’ friend. The owners started repairing their house, which dragged on for four months, so they did not have time to properly care for the dog.


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Then they took him several kilometers to their friend’s house. Despite the fact that the friend looked after the pet very carefully but it didn’t endure, as it was unable to bear the separation from the owners.

The dog was found in a terrible state on one of the Chinese roads. It  was underweight, and her toes were worn out in the blood. The stress she suffered and the long journey prevented her from trusting passers-by. However, when the dog realized that they were friendly, it approached the people.

People who met an emaciated retriever could not pass by. Therefore, Ping An was taken home.

The rescuers of the creature contacted the owners via social network who were actively publishing announcements about the missing pet. The family decided that they will never part with their four-legged friend again.

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