Birds VS Host: Four Years of Losing and It’s Even Funnier Every Time

A few years ago, a user with the nickname atomicrabbit2 was lucky to move into a house with cheap and very convenient gas heating. The exhaust box was tucked away in a nook under the roof which was almost invisible from the side. And this became a problem which turned into “bird wars” that lasted for 4 years. The man could not win in any way.

The beginning of the battle looked something like this.

It’s high there, the predators won’t get there. Again, this is a comfortable protection for the nest. And it’s also very warm there. Many people will say let them live but there is a problem. Unfortunately, the birds climbed into the pipe, began to shit and leave trash there. The specialist said that it will be more and more expensive to repair it every time until it completely breaks down. The problem is known and there are plenty of solutions. Do something!

The owner of the house attached a neat lattice and was pleased with the result.

And a week later he saw this.

He had to bust the nest and pick up the eggs.

The owner was calm during the year but spring came again and the actions were repeated.

Apparently, they could not find anything better in the area, and the birds disdained the difficulties. They began to build the nest with triple zeal!

Okay, dear birdies, if you want war you will get it !

Imagine the host’s surprise when it turned out that the special and expensive protection against birds served as an excellent frame for a new nest!

It seems to be a mockery!

He built a new and total defense as an answer to their actions!

For those who do not understand the difficulties of the host- the heating box should work, you cannot just close it fully.

And there would be no story again if … they leaked through a crack and rebuilt the nest!

And here is another solution. The stuffed predator now scares away all the birds in the area.

As the author of the story tells, he ran out of ideas and strength. If that doesn’t work, he’ll have to put up with it. It’s probably easier to leave them and start charging the birds for rent.

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