How a Dog That Cannot Walk and a Pigeon That Cannot Fly Became Friends

The heroes of this article are two friends which are almost inseparable from the moment they first met. These are Chihuahua Landy and the pigeon Herman. You can read the story of their friendship below.

A two-month-old Chihuahua puppy named Landy, which has had spinal problems since birth, just recently made a new acquaintance with a pigeon named Herman. According to Sue Rogers who is the founder of the non-profit foundation, both pets became friends almost immediately and showed affection for each other.

1. Meet Landy. It is only 2 months old. Unfortunately, it cannot walk on its own, as its spinal cord is damaged.

2. And this is the pigeon Herman. It has been living here for several years. One day it was found in the car of a local delivery service. Herman was completely motionless and couldn’t fly. Then it was transferred to the Mia Foundation. Now the cutie feels good, but still cannot fly.

3. It would seem that a decorative dog and a bird which has grown in freedom isn’t the best duet. However, the pigeon considered the puppy a family, and since then they have been inseparable. The bird is always next to the baby; it warms it up and cleans its fur.

4. The puppy isn’t against such care. It allows the pigeon to do whatever it wants.

5. Landy is still tiny. Its weight doesn’t yet allow it to use a wheelchair or something like that – it simply doesn’t have enough strength to budge on it. Nevertheless, Herman’s love makes the puppy feel comfortable.

6. Employees of the shelter mention that the pigeon exhibits too highlighted maternal behavior. So it is possible that Herman is not a male at all, but a female.

7. Now these two creatures are really inseparable.

8. The puppy is safe as Herman is always with it.

9. The typical dog games are not yet available for Lundy. It cannot run after a ball or a stick. It’s very good that Herman is next to the cutie.

10. Most likely, a new family will be found for the puppy over time. The shelter workers hope that by then the bird will help the puppy to socialize. They also hope that when the puppy will be taken to the new home that won’tbe a great stress for both pets.

11. Of course, there is always great hope that the new owners would like to take the bird, too.

12. And till that, they just enjoy each other!

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