The Fishermen Went Fishing, but They Found “treasure” in One Of the Fish and Returned Home As Real Millionaires

There are a lot of fishermen in Yemen. For most residents, this is the only chance to make a living in a poor country.

But it can also happen that even one successful fishing can bring a person million dollar fortune.

It was an ordinary day and a group of fishermen decided to go out into the ocean to catch the necessary amount of fish for the further sale. But just before spreading the nets, one of the group members noticed a large whale.

It turned out to be dead, but this didn’t bother none of the fishermen. They pushed the carcass ashore with great difficulty and began to examine it. As it turned out there was a large supply of grey ambergris inside the whale.

It is an incredibly valuable resource which is needed for creating luxury perfumery. The men literally couldn’t believe their eyes, because the weight of the “ treasure” was more than 130 kg.

This is approximately $ 1,500,000. Such an amount for residents of one of the poorest countries in the world is like winning a fantastic jackpot in the largest casino.

The men sold the gray ambergris to an unknown sheikh from the UAE, after which they divided the money between all the participants of the fishing trip. This money will be enough for many of them to provide a decent existence for the rest of their lives.

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