A Video Appeared on Tik Tok in Which Everyone Sees a “three-eyed” Creature but Doesn’t Understand What It Really Is

A video appeared on the popular entertainment network TikTok, which went viral in a few hours. There is a little strange beast in it.

On the one hand it looks like a rat but on the other hand it resembles some other animals. In the video, the creature jumps along the road, and then looks directly into the camera with great attention.

The animal is dressed in a black fur coat, on which there are small bald spots, while the animal’s tail isn’t covered with fur at all.

The author added the hashtags #hybrid and #mutation to the video, and the audience didn’t stand aside, starting to put forward theories about what kind of creature it is and what caused it to be born.

@.airwave #fyp #foryou #EnvisionGreatness #hybrid #mutation ♬ Goosebumps – JP The 3rd.

Some users suggested their version. They said that the creature is a mixture of a squirrel, a rat and a cat, which was the result of a coronavirus mutation. Other users suggested that this is a melanistic squirrel, which has a skin disease that caused bald spots and baldness of the tail.

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