The Whole Family and Even the Cat Persuades the Huge Malamute to Take a Bath

The Alaskan Malamute is an ancient breed bred by the Eskimos. These dogs have long helped people to survive in the difficult conditions of the northern latitudes. They have always been excellent helpers and companions as they could pull carts and cover huge distances in the snow. But the hero of the video has never been to the north and doesn’t really like to swim. We have learned how the whole family tried to persuade this big creatire to take a bath.

The video shows handsome Phil, an Alaskan malamute and a favorite of the whole family. It has to take a bath to wash off all the dirt from the thick and long coat. But the doggy doesn’t approve such an idea . It doesn’t like water for sure. The owners also understand this, so they don’t put their big pet under pressure, but gently persuade it.

Everyone gathered in the bathroom; the spouses, their baby and even the cat. But this kind of support isn’t very encouraging for the Malamute. It first walks around the room, tries to hide in the corners and turns away, as if no one notices it like that. But the family is determined, so they go for tricks.

The owner offers Phil a favorite treat – a jar of peanut butter. The dog begins to lick the treat, but doesn’t intend to give up. When the owner removes the treat, the petty licks the wall. And then the man is cunning; he smears the bathtub wall with the petty’s favorite butter.

Phil first puts its paws on the bath, then changes its mind and tries to retreat. And yet, the owner again directs the big creature to the water. The cutie gives up and climbs into the bath. While the water procedures are in process the cat steals a treat belonging to the creature for it decided on such a brave act.

Phil endures water procedures, although sometimes it makes sounds and gives signals of dissatisfaction. The bath water is dirty, so this means that bathing was definitely necessary. Finally, everything finishes and the dog rapidly runs to do his usual things. I wonder if this is how each bath takes place?

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