Two Gorillas Fell in Love With Their Janitor

The popular British photographer managed to take touching photos in Virunga National Park in Congo.

41-year-old photographer whose name is James Gifford was amazed when he saw what kind of bold relationship existed between the park guard Andre Baum and two young gorillas. The cuties appeared in Virunga in 2007 when they were still very little.

The insurgents thought that the gorillas posed a serious threat to them. Therefore, 9 unfortunate animals were exterminated and creatures were taken into the care of Andre in the National Park in Congo, according to the Daily Mail.

In the beginning everything seemed to be very ordinary; the janitor was just taking care of the little gorillas. Later, he understood that his little creatures love to touch him.

The contact with the creatures has proven to be very important for them. Now, the most important thing for the gorillas to do is try to hug him tightly when seeing Andre.

The Photographer James Gifford, took a series of touching photos with the participation of gorillas and Andre and couldn’t concentrate on the shooting process for a long time, because he was looking at the cuties in an amazed way.

The cuties expressed how much love they had towards their human friend in every possible manner.

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