An 8-year-old boy Saved a Kitten from a Burning House Risking His Life

Despite the terrible fire, an 8-year-old boy entered the house to save his beloved mustachioed friend.

This story happened in Irkutsk. The two-storey wooden house burned like a torch. A terrible red glow could be seen far beyond the area. 8 families who lived there managed to escape. The only thing they had to do was to just stand and watch how part of their lives burn out. They heard the cry of the child which brought everyone back to their senses … As the father of the boy tells: “The son could not be stopped!”. The father tried to do everything so that the child calmed down. He asked him to calm down and even shouted at him, but he was able to escape and ran into the very heat – to save his pet.

The Kozhevnikov family took the kitten Sonya home a few days before the fire. One day the father of the family was returning home from work when he saw a small fluffy creature in the bushes, which was squeaking very plaintively. He took the cutie and carried it home. His son was so happy! At the moment when the fire started, the catty got scared and hid somewhere. When the boy threw himself into the fire, his father ran immediately after him. Everything was on fire, it was flaming, it was very hot and the smoke was everywhere . The man was going to faint. And the boy struggled to pull the handle of the door to the apartment, but it was locked. The father tried to take his son in his arms in order to force him out of the dangerous place, but there wasn’t even a little safe space!

The boy resisted and shouted so hard that he couldn’t restrain himself! With some difficulty, the man found the key in his pocket and opened the door. The catty was sitting right at the door and meowing plaintively. They immediately grabbed it and rushed into the street. If they didn’t go out at that time in a couple of minutes it would have been impossible to escape from the fire trap. “I almost lost my mind while standing on the street and waiting for them,” the boy’s mother cried. – I was afraid that I would not see them alive … Thank God, nothing happened! “ Now the family lives with their relatives, and the city administration is solving the issue of the future housing of all fire victims.

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