The Sand Cats Look Like Kittens Even as Adults

The Sand cats mainly live in the desert regions of North Africa, Arabia, Central Asia and Pakistan. Their smallest size is a characteristic feature for them among wild cats: the length of their body is 65-90 cm, and 40% of it is the tail, the creatures’ height is 24-30 cm and the weight of adult males is 2.1-3.4 kg but the females are smaller.

These catties are nocturnal inhabitants, and they hide in their shelters during the day.  Only the Pakistani subspecies is active mainly at dusk in winter and early spring.

These creatures are very hardy, because they can easily tolerate temperatures from -5 ° C to + 52 ° C and they can even live without water for several months, extracting a minimum amount of moisture from the food. But the most interesting fact is that dune cats always look like kittens even as adults.

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