The Dog Climbed to the Bottom of the Ravine Voluntarily in Order to Guard the Tiny Kitten

This incredible story took place in the American state of South Carolina. People noticed a dog in a deep ravine which couldn’t get out of there as they thought. They contacted local animal protection organizations by phone and asked to help the poor baby.

Very soon a girl named Michelle who works as a volunteer arrived at the scene. She decided to go down to the bottom of the ravine to help the creature. Note that it was very difficult to do this, since the ground was wet and the slope was quite steep.

When Michelle was already downstairs a surprise awaited her. A Shih Tzu dog was lying on the ground and feeding a tiny kitten with milk. This means that she wasn’t stuck in a ravine as it seemed to the guys, but guarded and fed the baby, thereby saving him.

It isn’t known how long the foster mother and her cub would have stayed at the bottom of a cold and deep ravine if people hadn’t paid attention to them in time and hadn’t asked for help from the volunteers. The cat and the dog were taken to a local shelter. The dog was named Goldie and wasn’t separated from his true friend there.

Goldie was a very caring mommy. She didn’t leave the cat for a second and she licked, fed and warmed him. The cutie grew surprisingly fast and was so plump that it was difficult to even move her.

Soon they were examined at a veterinary clinic and the doctors found some problems, but they weren’t serious and were healed very quickly. The staff of the shelter didn’t want the couple to be separated. Now they live together with caring their owners, leaving behind all the hardships and difficulties.

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