No One from the Shelter Even Dared to Feed the Aggressive Dog , But Then a Goose Appeared in His Life

This dog has been living in a shelter for homeless animals for more than eight years. At first glance this is the most common pet looking for the caring owners. However, the doggy was aggressive towards all people, but no one knew the reason.

No one could find an approach to the dog and even feeding him was a real problem and this required two shelter workers at once. While one of them was distracting an angry dog the other one promptly left a bowl of food.

And it isn’t surprising that it wasn’t possible to find an approach to such a dog and since he was already becoming dangerous our hero was included in the list of animals that were to be euthanized in the near future. However, everything changed when a goose which also had to be euthanized due to old age appeared in the same shelter.

When Rex saw the feathered cutie he changed very much and the former evil dog was simply unrecognizable.

The goose named Geraldine simply adores her newfound friend. The couple spends the whole day together and when the doggy is taken for a long walk the goose necessarily begs to be a fellow traveler.

The director of the shelter whose name is Sheila says that the goose and the dog rest, play, eat and even sleep together.

This was an incredible and unusual animal love story.

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