An Unsubstantial Shadow Curled up in a Box in the Pouring Rain … And a Few Months Later a Handsome Creature Became a Real Celebrity

This story happened last year. In the pouring rain a little creature resembling a cat huddled in a box in the middle of the street.

The animal was soaked from head to toes and it seemed that he was sick. He was so tired that he didn’t even move in the rain and seemed to be waiting for the savior, who would come and take the box. He couldn’t imagine that he was simply abandoned …

The kitten was found in such a condition by a girl named Lucy who works as a volunteer.  She didn’t even recognize at first glance that the kitten was of a noble breed. She just took him to a shelter so that they take care of him.

The foundling was given the name Mathew. Lucy took him to the veterinarian and there they made a disappointing diagnosis – leukemia. It was argued that the disease couldn’t be cured and the cat should have been put to sleep. However, the girl just took the cat and left. She began to look for another clinic and there Mathew and Lucy were given a little hope. He had been treated for a whole year and the cat fought with a terrible illness bravely with the support of a caring girl. But when the knew about the illness they immediately turned away and looked for a healthier pet.

But, after a year, our wonderful Matthew was gradually getting better. He developed an appetite, the fur grew back and began to shine. He became very affectionate and well-fed.

Now it is difficult to pass by such a handsome British breed. Then the cat was invited to shoot a popular program and it was there that the future owner, a man named Jack, saw him.

He contacted the shelter and came to our hero with lots of gifts. He took Mathew home and he wasn’t afraid of the list of medications that the cat must take constantly and a special diet. Now Mathew has finally begun a happy and carefree life.

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