The Passers-by Saw How the Monkey Grabbed the Puppy with Her Teeth and Climbed a Tree. Everyone Expected Something Very Bad

The monkey took the puppy with her teeth and after jumping up a tree disappeared into the forest. By the next day the residents began to see them on the street together.

It turned out that the monkey was taking care of the puppy. She was looking for food, shelter and other things which were necessary for him to survive, including protecting him from the attacks of other animals.

She carried the puppy in her arms and hugged her like her own cub. Surely, the monkey’s maternal instinct has awakened. In the nature such cases occur with primates quite often. After some time the entire state found out about the strange couple. People came to watch the touching scenes of the monkey’s mother caring for her puppy.

At the same time people bring food with them so that neither the monkey nor her guardian would starve. When they are treated the monkey gives the puppy the first pieces and when he finishes eating she begins to eat up the rest.

Primates are similar to humans in many habits and characters. They take care of their children for quite a long time unlike other species. And the most interesting thing is that even having matured, the monkey offspring retains connection and communication with their parents, which is practically not found in other animal species, but it is accepted in humans. So the manifestations of the maternal instinct on the part of the monkeys are not at all surprising.

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