Against the Laws of Nature. The Incredible Friendship Between a Lion Cub and a Chimpanzee Conquered the Web

Not only people, but also many other living beings are capable of making friends. In the animal world you can see a huge number of rather unique examples of friendship between the most unexpected species of animals that can win your heart. For example here is an example of friendship between a lion cub and a chimpanzee. This is really unique, isn’t it?

These two friends were born at the Zoological Wildlife Fund in Florida. They were drawn to each other from the very moment of their meeting and now they are simply inseparable just like kindred spirits. The age difference didn’t hinder the two adorable creatures to become true and close friends.

The Chimpanzee Limbani is about three years old, but the lion cub Binte is just a baby, because he is only 5 months old. They play nicely, fight for a joke and if possible spend all their time together.

Photos of the two friends conquered the netizens all over the world and it is simply impossible to remain indifferent to them. They are happy to lie on the grass and hug like little children.

The sharp fangs of a lion cub can hurt the monkey but it seems that Limbani doesn’t even care about it and they continue to play.

The games and entertainment of these charming cuties are simply pleasing to the eye and it is simply impossible not to be surprised at the diversity of wildlife when looking at them.

By the way, the Limbani chimpanzee has a very high intelligence. He has many unusual hobbies. For example he loves to answer phone calls and he also draws very well.

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