The Rescued Messi the Cougar Refuses to Return to the Natural Environment and Enjoys His Life as a Spoiled Cat

Nowadays it is popular to keep a wide range of different pets which are sometimes too surprising and exotic. But what is it like to keep a cougar who considers himself a domestic cat?

The name Messi was given to the cougar in honor of the talented Argentine football player. The cutie lives with the foster family of Alexander and Mary. Messi has been living in a very comfortable way in the apartment of the owners.

The cougar was sold to the Penza zoo when he was only three months old. The kid weighed much less than it was supposed to at his age and the zoo staff decided to put him to sleep. But Mary and Alexander didn’t allow this and took the baby to their home.

The couple tell that they had sympathy for the cougar at first sight. They thought over buying him but this decision was hard for them. They thought for a long time whether the wild animal would feel comfortable in the apartment and whether they would be able to provide him with the appropriate living conditions. In the end they decided to buy the cutie and take care of his health. Now Messi has no health problems.

Mary and Alexander really like the pet. Sometimes only some problems arise with their cat Kira who doesn’t want to get along with Messi in any way.

We used to think of cougars as kittens but they require some training like dogs. Messi knows lots of commands, eats raw meat and bathes in the tub.

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