A good-natured young man was bottle-feeding a stray cat and the touching moment was caught by one of the passengers

A truly emotional and affective scene was witnessed on one of the subways: an extremely caring man was hand-feeding a poor orphan kitten and the moment can touch unexceptionally everyone.

The tenderness and sympathy the young man shows towards a homeless tiny kitten is undoubtedly something we barely see very often. The man’s affectionate and amicable heart was definitely admired by all the passengers that were fortunate enough to witness the heartwarming moment. The man’s gentle action was undoubtedly an exemplary one for each of us.

Later on, it was discovered the man was not only taking care of a poor cat, but also he was the one who saved the suffering creature. The man announced that he accidently spotted the kitten stuck between two buildings and felt pity for him. He determined to take and help him survive and due to the man’s heroic gesture the kitten now felt most comfort and protection.

The degree of the man’s compassion and kindness made everyone’s day. The moment didn’t let anybody stay insensitive inspiring them to take action and help as many stray animals as possible.


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