Animal rights activists found a dog-unicorn. It’s a little puppy Narwhal, and he has a ponytail on the forehead

Unicorns exist! At least one is for sure. And this is…a dog! An adorable puppy named Narwhal. On November 9, the animal protection organisation Mac the Pit-bull from Missouri, USA, announced on its Facebook page, that they had found a very unusual creature. It was a puppy with a ponytail on its forehead, no matter how strange it may sound. The puppy roamed with the old dog. But he appeared in a place, where they intended to help him.

Animal rights activists found a dog with a ponytail on its forehead

They named the baby Narwhal

Examination by the vet showed, that the ponytail on the face is not dangerous and doesn’t disturb the puppy in any way

There aren’t any indications for its removal

The puppy was healthy, except for worms, but this is a typical situation for a dog living in a street and is easily remedied with medication. His ponytail isn’t attached to anything, isn’t affecting anything and doesn’t perform any function. As one of the commentators joked, as if someone had assembled the dog incorrectly.

Not yet the dog could be sheltered

Animal rights activists want him to grow up, and it became clear, that the tail won’t be a problem

The puppy is lively-look how he plays

Narwhal didn’t understand, that he is a very special dog, the news about which scattered all over the Internet

What kind of miracles don’t happen in nature!

We hope, that Narwhal will be doing well and that his amazing unicorn ponytail won’t cause any inconvenience. And then he will be able to find a loving family, and he has already become an Internet star.

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