Having Become Homeless the Man Tried to Find New Owners for His Dog But He Did’t Expect Such Kind of Support

Pets are considered to be the full members of every family so it isn’t surprising that in a difficult situation people care about their pets first of all and then about themselves. After all if a person can take care of himself then who will support a dog or cat if not their owner? So in the case of a man whose name is Robert and his dog Mikey the man first of all began to bother about the fate of the dog and then about himself. When Robert took Mikey from a shelter in the city of Sacramento the man possessed everything a man needed – a family, a house, a job and a master’s degree so neither the animal nor Robert had any trouble. However, suddenly the unfortune case happened.

Before Robert’s family could figure out what was going on they were evicted from their home.

The entrance to the shelters for homeless people with their animals is closed so Mikey and Robert had to live in a car.

When the situation worsened Robert returned to the animal shelter and asked to find a new family for Mikey the doggy.

So Robert hoped to cope up with the difficulties and then take Mikey back.

The manager of the shelter Gina Knepp decided to help both the owner and the doggy.

Gina not only paid booked a room at the hotel for three nights for Robert which allows the guests to live with their pets, but also turned to people for help.

A video was recorded with a request to find a temporary home for Mikey with the support of the shelter.

Robert asks the kind people to take Mikey to him so that he and his family can find a place to live and then take the dog back.

The video not only had over half a million views, but also brought the family the help that they hadn’t even asked for.

Not only was Robert and his family donated over $ 5,000 but the woman who wished to remain anonymous allowed them to live in a house that she rents out. The money that were raised for the family will be used for paying the rent of a house, buying food for the family and a doggy and to pay for other needs. So now the need to find a new family for Mikey has disappeared!

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