The Wild Wolf in Honor of Whom the Memorial Was Erected

He constantly came to the local park and no one was afraid of him there. Moreover, all the residents of the city were waiting for this cute guest!

Wolves are very beautiful animals but despite the fact that they are so similar to our beloved dogs it is better not to meet with these wild and cruel creatures.

This story happened in 2013 in the city of Juneau. While the professional photographer Nick Jens was walking with his Labrador they met a wolf on their way. It was the most amazing meeting you can imagine!

But what was more surprising for Nick was that his doggy wasn’t afraid of the wolf and they began to play together. The man even managed to take a photo of the cuties.

After that day the wolf began to regularly visit his new friends and Nick took pictures of every meeting.  The wolf was even given a nickname – Romeo.

Romeo became famous throughout the city and he constantly played with dogs in a local park.

At first the inhabitants of Juneau were very wary of the wild animal but then they saw that the wolf had a peaceful and friendly character and they weren’t against the fact that he came to play with them.

Romeo loved both dogs and people and this love was mutual, of course. So three different living beings understood each other and existed harmoniously on the same territory.

The wolf had been living in Juneau and its surroundings for 6 years.

But in 2010 a tragedy happened – Romeo was gone. The residents of Juneau couldn’t get used to such a loss for a long time and they even created a memorial in honor of their beloved friend.

There are lots of real miracles in the world and this story is a vivid confirmation of this. It shows that completely different and seemingly incompatible creatures may live together peacefully on our planet.

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