The History of the Chelyabinsk Kind Doctor: Brigitte Bardot Herself Supports the Veterinarian

Every person on the planet must understand that we must take care of animals and not harm them in any way.

They are our smaller brothers and if we talk about the abilities of the people themselves then it is we who can help different animals. And if you don’t help them just don’t harm them even more at least.

Karen Dallakyan has become an Internet star a long time ago. Since childhood the man spent a lot of time at the zoo because his mother was a biologist. Then he learned to communicate with animals, play with them and sometimes even heal them. Karen dreamed of becoming a physician, but in the end he decided to be a veterinarian.

At first, the man worked in Chelyabinsk. He remembers that lots of cruel owners brought healthy and beautiful cats with the requirement to put them to sleep. The reasons were the saddest – the animal needed surgery or expensive care. Then Karen wanted to open his own fund but there weren’t such opportunities in Chelyabinsk so he moved to Moscow.

After some the “Save Me” institution appeared. Few people know that in such an undertaking Karen was supported by Brigitte Bardot herself. So the man began to save many animals. One of the foundation’s symbols was the tiger Zhorik, who developed inflammation and fever. It turned out that the bone pierced his cheek but the local veterinarians considered it necessary to remove only the tooth. Even the most serious medicines didn’t help the tiger.

Karen started to treat Zhorik for a year and after his recovery the cutie was sent to a center for wild animals. Once a man rescued a lynx that was missing one paw. But they weren’t allowed to keep her in the fund by the law but Karen took the risk. He also rescued a leopard and a puma from a private zoo. Their owners died and no one else wanted to take care of pets.

You may have heard many more stories when Karen really saved the lives of animals. He is sure that people must definitely help our smaller brothers otherwise the planet will be simply doomed. And many of us should take an example from this kind and caring veterinarian who should be called a hero!

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