This is how Robert Sheehan has changed since the release of the cult 2010s series «Scum»

Here is Nathan from the cult series «Scum» now 😳🧐

This tragicomedy-fantasy series was a real hit in the early 2010s bringing its actors overall fame and recognition. Especially Roberts Sheehan captivated millions of female hearts with his handsomeness, curly hair and charisma.

Towards his charm no single girl could stay indifferent. His hotness together with his incredible talent and charisma made him one of the most in-demand actors in the industry.

After the series Roberts continued acting in films, but has just recently ceased to. One of his most recent roles was in «Umbrella Academy» where he excellently portrayed Klaus Hargreaves.

What concerns his personal life, it has always been full of ups and downs. He was dating actress S. Boutella but their relationship ended in a breakup.

He is now 35 and his loyal fans and supporters hope that they will soon see him in new projects.


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