An Orphan Kitten Who Was Picked up in the Yard Again Stands up on His Feet and Even Teases

A California resident found a kitten in the yard earlier this year. Her dog went out into the yard, and returned with a little fluffy creature who was just a few days old. There were no mom-cat or other kittens nearby.

Jacqueline De Amore who is the founder of Friends for Life Rescue Network read about a kitten on the Internet who was in need of treatment and she couldn’t stand aside. The volunteers Adam and Margot went for the baby.

From the first glance we realized that we met a real fighter. He had been shouting for an hour as we were driving home as if telling us that he is here and won’t disappear anywhere,”Adam and Margot recall.

The kitten was named Marmalade. She had a bite wound on his shoulder but he soon recovered with proper care.

The first thing we did when we got him was that we put him in an incubator with a heating pad in order to keep him warm. Then I gave him his first really good meal. We treated the wound and gave him some antibiotics,” says Jacqueline.

After each feeding he stuck out his tongue and this teasing gesture meant complete satiety. He could even fall asleep with his mouth open.

Marmalade didn’t immediately begin to take the nipple so for some time he was fed hourly through a syringe. He thanked the guardians for the food with his tongue sticking out.

We have been taking care of him during the day working from home for about two months while Jacqueline took over the duties of a guardian at night.” tell Adam and Margot.

After a couple of weeks he began to eat larger portions of food and gained the normal weight! It took us ages to transfer him to adult food. He couldn’t say goodbye to milk until almost seven weeks. ”

Having barely learned to walk and jump Marmalade turned into a real energizer.

He used to curl up next to us while we were working and he could sleep for hours in that position. Hugging was one of his favorite activities of that time. As soon as he was covered with a blanket he would get so comfortable and fall asleep.”

The adoptive parents followed the history of Marmalade from the very beginning and managed to fall in love with him.

He feels at home and there is so much individuality in such a little cutie! He is obsessed with watching videos,” says the new owner of Marmalade.

We give him five minutes of screen time before bed and he watches without stopping. He always needs to be at the center of attention. “

Now Marmalade has feline brothers and sisters in the same house where he lives and the cutie is growing and becoming stronger.

But something doesn’t change: Marmalade the cutie continues to stick out his tongue when he is satisfied and happy.

Marmalade is good in his new home with the new caring owners.” – Adam and Margot say.

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