The owner took the dog to the groomer, and when she took him away she couldn’t recognise him-it was as if he had changed his breed

An American Carlo Coco told, how she took her dog to a groomer-and didn’t recognise her pet after the haircut. According to the woman, she asked to cut the dog’s hair near the paws and ears, and as a result, her pet turned into a kind of bull terrier, which then had to be smeared with cream and dressed up in a T-shirt for a long time to, so that the dog wouldn’t be sunburned. And if the owner was outraged by the haircut, then the dog was pleased with the new image!

The American took her dog to the groomer, but the result of the haircut was too unexpected

American Carly Coca, who lives in Florida, decided to take her dog for a haircut. Her pet, a seven-year-old pet named Nanuk, is an extremely fluffy dog and its wool must be handled with care.

Carly took the pet to the dog’s groomer and asked for a little haircut 

According to the girl, she only asked the groomer to cut the long hair near Nanuk’s paws and ears.

But when the owner came to pick Nanuk up, at first it seemed to her that it was someone else’s dog

Carlie even had to call the dog by name to make sure, that it was definitely her pet-after all, Nanuk seemed to have changed its breed. All the hair was cut off from the dog-apparently in the secret slang of hairdressers, the words “to cut the long hair near the paws and ears” meant to cut everything in general. As Carlie told she was shocked:

When I came to pick Nanuk up from the groomers, I exclaimed: “This is not my dog”.

The situation was terrible, because the man, who cut his hair was so proud of his work, that I had no choice but to smile and not start a scandal.

According to Carlie, not only the groomer liked the haircut-the dog himself was very proud of the result

Despite the fact, that both the unfortunate groomer and the dog were pleased with the haircut, the owners of Nanuk decided to return the pet’s hair to its former fluffiness. It took a while year, and at this time the delicate skin of the dog had to be protected from the sun with a cream and even a T-shirt. 

After this experience, Carlie and her husband decided to change groomers. So Nanuk will hardly have a new hairstyle!

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