A Granny Found a Blind Kitten at the Door and Raised Him But He Turned out to Be Not a Cat At all

This interesting story happened to one of the residents of a village in Siberia. Everyone knows how severe winters are in this region.

On one such chilling morning an elderly woman went out into her yard and then she heard a heartbreaking squeak. There lay a blind, unfortunate animal resembling a kitten on the porch of her house.

The woman without thinking for a moment took him home and began to feed him from the syringe. The kid had a good appetite. He ate a lot and grew well. The first two months he developed like a standard kitten but then his size began to cause suspicion …

She called a local forester and he confirmed the old woman’s guesses. The cute kitten turned out to be a real trot.

There was no point in releasing the animal into nature. During the time spent with the old woman the lynx turned into a real playful kitten.

And there was even a special enclosure which was built for her. Such an exotic pet behaves like an ordinary catty.

Such a wonderful story, isn’t it?

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